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Alex Chamia

Hello, I’m Alex! I wish I could take credit for much of the creative content in the company but unfortunately I can’t, I coordinate different aspects namely the operations, finance & strategy for Bloomingdale Planners Ltd.

Business has always been my passion, as I grew up I scouted for numerous opportunities to strike a deal. I aimed to perfect the art of negotiating, strategizing through a deal, culminating into a sale as well as delivery of the promise on that sale. This gave me great satisfaction more than its compensation.

At Bloomingdale Planners I go through trends & develop innovative business strategies, generate project budgets and financial forecast both for internal & external clients. The entire financial planning process is critical as it can make or break an event, hence I handle this task meticulously ensuring that all that goes into a spreadsheet is not just accurate but sensible! I also manage the logistical planning around all projects securing for timely & explicit setup, coordinate setdowns in an organized fashion, making everyone’s work easy.