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Happy new year everyone, this year just looks promising with many things in the offing. To all brides out there who are nerve wrecked about the planning intricacies of your coming big day when you marry the man of your dreams! Here are some pointers on your vendor selection and considerations while planning.

Thing about weddings that makes them different from other events is that they are personal! they go along way in achieving the brides happiness, but how and why they(brides) select who to work for them to piece their big day determines their success or downfall in achieving that desire.

1. Relationship: Business is done between people who like each other! Do you have a connection/ liking to the vendor you’ve approached do they seem to “get you” your idea or fantasy, have they connected with you?
There is also the question of relatives who may also be providers, this is usually tricky and may be messy if not handled well. there two options here: avoid them totally or engage them in a professional capacity from start to finish in order to avoid a scenario where the vendors turn into attendees leading to compromise in delivery. (Ensure you manage expectations on all fronts with all)

2. Drive: A wedding is a project where different parts are coming together to make a whole hence team work is important for all to fall in place. What drives your vendor(s) to do what they do? is it money from a clients pocket into theirs? or to deliver excellence and a lasting impression in the clients tongue some what a tangible feeling of WOW!? i.e a client calls a deco’ supplier over-days for clarity and supplier says ” By the way you haven’t paid the deposit and am getting a lot of calls from you and your other parties?” we were shocked in this era of customer care! how such an answer could make it out of a providers mouth. Or you get yellow Rose flowers and the supplier insists they’re off-white while you specified white and purple? furthermore most of the flowers were rejects as they were already starting to form a brown shade on the petals?

3. Demos: It is always important to have demos of what to expect on the day mainly for deco’ to ensure the idea/ ideal is what is to be expected and also the quality and colour of the fabrics is what was specified. Get to have a View of the tents,
are they clean do they have holes? Chairs and tables too e.t.c.

4.  Link: Like every project there is a manager/ coordinator one who ensures providers work like clockwork in a sense piece them together into a flawless seam, manage the time on the day, fore-casted problems and ensure unexpected issues are dealt with by critical and creative thinking rather than having the bride, groom or the chairman deal with them as their attention is divided on that day and are supposed to enjoy the day. Its always important to have someone to consult with preferably a planner 🙂

That’s all for now folks


Liz Chamia