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Partners in life & Business, Passionate and inspired we delved head first into entrepreneurship.
Armed with our personal experiences we founded Bloomingdale Planners Ltd.
Our beginning was humble birthed from a desire to have easy and tested solutions at our
own wedding (our 1st major event together)! And as they say “the rest is history”.

Our leadership Is Strong

Chemtai, an ex – hotelier with over 5 years’ experience in the hotel industry, rising in rank from concierge, Guest relations to Assistant manager and General Manager.

She has been involved in strategic planning & policy structuring in both her employs (Midlands/MOM Hotel) offering the needed growth. Her tenure at M.O.M had her
see the institution through its turnaround phase on to growth & success.

Through this her creativity was practiced & sharpened through event engagements highlight being, Hosting of Kings & Presidents during the coronation of the king of Tooro
Western Uganda in April of 2010.

Alex, a medical practitioner for the last 8 years, holding vast administrative experience from previous positions held to date, he has been instrumental and a pillar to the
company’s growth. He has worked in Various health institutions both public and private Sector where he currently serves in both curative & preventive practice.

Through our collaborative efforts & leadership, we have grown our business to what it is and still continue to improve our brand quality, through constant innovation and creation as well as increasing our bandwidth in our product offering. We are driven to forge a legacy that transcends through generations hence deliberately meticulous,
in all our engagements.