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Hello all,
hope that the year has kicked off to an amazing start for you all. I have been pondering a lot on event planning… and couldn’t keep my fingers from sharing a few thoughts that crossed my mind…

Many are the times when a corporate or individual may require services of an events planner for a certain function! Well what informs your decision for your planner?

The most important aspects for any event to be a success is relevance/ theme created to the audience and execution of it all. Planning goes beyond supply of tents, chairs, food, crockery and cutlery e.t.c rather the art of creatively bringing out the desired theme, just like a master piece painting or a sleek and intricate body work of a car, designing “a never before” and lasting experience, through all aspects of the said event.

One’s choice of a planner should be able to visualize and create such master pieces as he/she gets the brief, hence this consideration becomes key!!

We at Bloomingdale Planners believe in creativity and innovation for all our events demanding nothing short of professionalism from the teams we engage to realize a chic end product giving value to all our clients.
Talk to y’all next time
Liz Chamia.