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Wedding Colours

Wedding Colours

Are you confused? Are you in despair? Is choosing your wedding colors giving you a “Wed-ache”? Well it is only difficult if you let it be. Wedding colors are deep and important as they give the general tone and mood of the whole event.

Bloomingdale Planners give you the secret to choosing wedding colors. Simplicity, do not over think, when you get worked up at the initial stages of your wedding planning, you are likely to get exhausted way before the big day.

Let the color choosing bit be as exciting and simple as possible. Below are some simple pointers to help you choose colors:

  1. The wedding Theme: Is it cultural, rustic & vintage or fairytale? Your wedding Vision will guide you to what colors best fit. With the wide unending range of hues, the theme will help narrow it down to the hues that favor you. Example: if you are having a fairy tale wedding then you are sure an achromatic scheme will not work for you.
  2. Venue: Your venue will highly affect your choice of color therefore get the venue first before you embark on choosing the colors. Some venues (especially indoor) are pre decorated, the painting, the finish on the floor to mention but a few. Example: if you pick orange and the room has blush of pink décor the bride’s maids and centerpieces will look like props as they will stick out.
  3. Have an inspiration: You can draw inspirations from previous friends and family weddings, favorite colors and likings. This is a color that will be all over your wedding, it should create a good vibe for you and your guest. You should be in love with the color to enjoy it.
  4. Know the color wheel: This will enable you choose the colors that excite and fit your wedding vision. The color wheel has 12 pure colors which can help you create many more hues by mixing them. You can have as many hues as you please, know the difference in shades, tones and tints. (It’s not a painting class but hey! the more you know the easier it is for you).also make use of the Pantone color guide to achieve the exact color on cake, flowers, and table fabric.

Well, now that we have a color, how do we create a good color palette? There are several color schemes to consider.

  • Monochromatic color scheme: this is one Hue fading from darkest to the lighter of one base color. It can be a very boring scheme but if handled with finesse it will create the most beautiful ombre. This has become a huge trend in the event and design world.
  • Dichromatic color scheme: you get to pick two of any colors that please you and a color palette is created from it
  • Achromatic scheme: You get to use the neutral hues that is white black and the grays. These hues can also be used with other colors as a tone down or neutralizing hue. When used on their own they bring out a very cool and silent professional mood, I wouldn’t advise them for a wedding but you can still use them.
  • Trichromatic scheme: You get to pick any three colors. They can be two bright hues and a neutral hue or pure colors mixed with shades or tones of other colors
  • Tetradic scheme: if you would ask me. This is the LIMIT. Do not use more than four colors at your wedding. And of these four have at least one neutral hue to calm down the color situation.
  • Polychromatic scheme: am not sure why am putting this here, I am sure there one person crazy enough to have a wedding with all the 12pure colors and their shades tones and tints.
  • One can have as many colors as possible but I would insist that you stick to a maximum of four. All the best as you get to choose your wedding colors and color palettes.


Tatiana Muchiri.
Associate Planner
Bloomingdale Planners Ltd